Why Undergrad Abroad ?

Four years of undergrad education has to make you ready for the job market. This needs you to undergo a transformative education that gives you a strong knowledge foundation, a practical learning opportunity and a diverse cohort. All of these are available at a internationally reputed university.

Current Syllabi

Each course is designed by the professor taking the course and the syllabus is updated annually.

Applied Learning

Industry grade facilities such as high tech labs, Bloomberg terminals etc. are available for students to apply their learning.

Early Age Independence

Students learn to make decisions about classes, course, majors and lifestyle immediately after high school.

International Peer Group

Peer learning from diverse nationalities batch-mates helps to build a multi-ethnic perspective on life and career.

Myths & Facts


The total cost for UG studies cost around Rs. 60 lakh to Rs. 1 Crore

17/18 years is too early to travel internationally for education.

Preparing for NEET/IIT JEE etc. can be done alongside applications.


With scholarships UG studies can be done for Rs. 25 lakh or below.

Globally, majority of the students move out for higher education.

Students need to channel energies in one direction and build strong profile.

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UG Study Abroad Process

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