Why Postgrad Abroad ?

The process of admission can be a challenge for students, as indeed for parents. At Knowell, we have broken this down into several stages and have thus reduced the students’ stress levels. The student meets with his/her counselor and understands the program, the necessary documents needed for admission and is then guided through drafting the most optimal Recommendation Letters and a strong Statement of Purpose. Each document is scrutinized and only the best results pass muster. No matter what program of study interests you, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs. The USA is particularly well-known for a large number of non-traditional options for pursuing a master’s degree, such as part-time studies, online programs, and distance learning options.

Hot Courses Abroad

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Human Computer Interaction


Data Science

Biology Based




Molecular and Cellular

Protein Sciences

Other Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Financial Engineering

Material Sciences

Techno Management

Business/Data Analytics


Computational Finance

Engineering Management

Management (STEM)

Pure/Applied Finance

Marketing Analytics

Supply Chain


Management Science


General Management

Integrated Marketing

Luxury Brand Management

Healthcare Management

Medicine Based

Clinical Neuroscience

Speech Pathology


Biomedical Innovation

Public Health

Health Informatics

Other Degrees


Real Estate Development

Design Communication

IP/Corporate Law

Environmental Sciences

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